Zelenka MP3 Files

The links below will access MP3 files taken from the second edit of a recording of Dresden wind sonatas made in the Music Hall, Troy, NY, during September of 2001.  Dorian Records arranged the sessions and planned to release the CD but this company went bankrupt in 2004 and the material reverted to my ownership.  These MP3 files are free for downloading and listening, for commerical use please contact me.
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Jan Dismas Zelenka:  Sonata in G minor  ZWV 181/4
(Andante)     Allegro     Adagio     Allegro ma non troppo

Zelenka:  Sonata in F major  ZWV 181/5
Allegro     Adagio     Allegro

Zelenka:  Sonata in C minor  ZWV 181/6

Andante     Allegro     Adagio     Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi:  Sonata in C minor  RV53

Largo    Allegro     Andante     Vivace

Stephen Hammer and Kathleen Staten, hautboys
Rhoda Patrick, bassoon
Nigel North, theorbo
Michael Willens, violone
Myron Lutzke, violoncello

A note on the continuo group:  
In the autograph manuscript of sonatas #4 and 5, Zelenka suggested that the basso continuo be played by violone and theorbo.   As a bass player, Zelenka  may well have played himself, and the theorbo may have been played by the great lute virtuoso Silvius Leopold Weiss, who was in residence at the Dresden court.

Further notes on the program and on Dresden in the Augustan Age